Black Friday: American Express' New Tool Makes Shopping Easier

American Express logoIn plenty of time for Black Friday and all the holiday chaos that will come in its aftermath, American Express has launched inSite, a new shopping assistant for its customers.

Once upon a time, shopping assistants came in the form of a human being, but now that so many people shop online, this app makes a lot more sense, especially if you're an AmEx card holder who prefers to shop via the Internet. If you have an American Express card and go to inSite, you can download this new app to your browser. From then on, you'll receive offers from more than 250 brands, often big name brands such as Barnes & Noble and Crate & Barrel, as you surf the Web.

So say there's a deal that's specifically available to American Express cardholders at some retail website you're visiting. This software will flag that offer and let you know about it before you buy. Because that's one of the frustrating things about shopping online: There are often a lot of great deals out there, some of which can slip through your fingers if you don't look hard enough. But American Express's inSite will find those deals and show them to you.

It should be noted that most of the deals are geared toward consumers who have the Membership Rewards program with the Platinum, Gold, Green, Zync and Blue American Express cards.

While this new app is designed to save you money, I see the inevitable downside, too. You could became so enamored with your new online shopping assistant that you start buying anything and everything you see, whether you need it or not, simply because you're getting a good deal. Still, if you have an American Express card in your wallet, you'll want inSite on your computer.
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