Baking Life: New autumn items available now

Baking Life Autumn Items
Baking Life Autumn Items

Baking Life has released Thanksgiving and autumn themed items in two separate batches, and some of these decorations are too cute for words. There are new recipes, gifts, furniture, and even an apron. Let's take a peek at what is new in the game for Thanksgiving!

For decorations, there are plenty of options for you to decorate your bakery with. There are four different styles of autumn flooring to buy, including circles and leaves in various fall colors. There are two new kind of full walls with autumn wallpaper, and two matching pony walls. For wall decor, you'll find an Autumn Wreath and an Autumn Coat Hanger to hang on the wall, and there is a super cute table and chair set (pictured to the right). Finally, a free-standing cornucopia is quite the delight.

For recipes, you'll find a new Pumpkin Pie recipe for levels 22 and up. This is a 9 hour recipe that gives out 2640 total coins. There is also a Turkey Pot Pie available that takes 18 hours and gives out 4500 coins. Both of these items are available to gift to friends as well.

Finally, there is also a new Turkey Apron available for 7500 coins, which couldn't be much more adorable.

What is your favorite item of the fall Baking Life collection?

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