Zoo World Thanksgiving Parade: Everything you need to know

Zoo World Thanksgiving Parade
Zoo World Thanksgiving Parade

Zoo World has put away the Halloween decorations and started a Thanksgiving festival unlike any other. Instead of just releasing fall decorations, the game has started a Thanksgiving parade by which you can collect animals and balloons for your zoo. It's a little bit confusing though, so we have all the details you need to maximize your animal profits during this turkey-related holiday festival. The event will end on December 9th, so there is plenty of time to play and collect animals.

To start interacting with the game, click the large turkey balloon outside your zoo. This will bring up the screen shown above that shows you your progress on blowing up a balloon. Currently, there are two animals available to receive through the parade, a Autumn Hound Dog and a Thanksgiving Pilgrim, but new animals will be available every 3 days.