Zoo World releases festive Thanksgiving decor for the animals

Zoo World Thanksgiving decorations
Zoo World Thanksgiving decorations

Zoo World might have gone all out with the Thanksgiving Parade, but they're not being stingy with the additional Thanksgiving decorations for our zoos. There are also six new decorative items that will help match our adorable harvest themed animals that we get from the parade activity.

The Leaf Pile and Leaf Arch are a set of matching fall colored leaves that you can place anywhere on your zoo that could benefit from the color of autumn. These will cost you 50,000 and 100,000 Zoo Cash respectively. There is also the Autumn Plant and Autumn Centerpiece that are nice ways to bring some Thanksgiving cheer to your zoo. A Haystack is available, but don't put it too close to your animal pen or you might find that it's missing the next day. Finally, the Mayflower Boat costs 5 million Zoo cash, but is a large ship that is a replica of the original ship that the Pilgrims sailed in on.

The rest of the the Thanksgiving items are animals that can only be received from playing the Thanksgiving Parade.

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