Whole Foods Hiring 1,729 Front Line and Management Positions

Whole Foods, which could be called the 'Marines of Healthy Eating," is looking for 1,729 good people. The positions are both for the front lines in stores and for management.

As the Whole Foods career site explains, you can apply for a job by just going into the store, attending a job fair where Whole Foods is recruiting, or visiting online job boards such as CareerBuilder.com to find Whole Foods job listings.

But before you even do that, you have to immerse yourself in the Whole Foods unique organizational culture and mission of helping others eat in healthy ways. Those doing the hiring expect that you will do that homework.

What makes Whole Foods stand apart in the food category is that it creates its own standards for what's "natural." That means the corporation's values appeal to a very specific niche of people concerned about what's in what they eat. The self-created standards also extend to what Whole Foods embraces as its causes. Those range from not selling products involving animal abuse to going the distance in protecting planet Earth.

Those who join the Whole Foods team and management tend to feel "special."

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