Wal-Mart to Pay Female Trucker $15 Million for Fall When Delivering

Wal-Mart has been ordered by a Weld County, Colo., jury to pay a female trucker $15 million for a slip and fall when attempting to unload merchandise.

Recipient of one of the largest ever of this type of awards by a jury, former trucker Holly Averyt mounted the delivery ramp in December 2007 to deliver frozen food. Then she slipped on a patch of ice covered with grease.

When she informed the Wal-Mart employee at the delivery dock of her fall, he did not report the incident. Her injuries included damage to her spinal cord, so severe that she has been unable to work.

The tipping point in the trial, some contend, seemed to come when documents were presented to the jury indicating that grease from the Wal-Mart deli hadn't been processed properly. As a result, the grease spread over 185 feet of the delivery ramp and parking lot.

Wal-Mart is considering the possibility of appealing the verdict.

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