Treasure Isle: New backpack options make our lives easier

Treasure Isle backpack management
Treasure Isle backpack management

Treasure Isle released an update today that is making players extremely happy. The backpack has now gotten an major upgrade - the ability to sell multiple items at once!

If you play Treasure Isle at all, you know just how unruly it can be to store up all the fruit, collections, and decorations that you get while digging. Especially spoiled rotten fruit, which store up in your backpack and previously had to be deleted one by one. Deleting items individually was a huge chore that took a long time to do, and at times I would log off in frustration rather than attempt to clear out my backpack.

Now, when you click on "Sell" on any item in your backpack, you can page through and sell them all in one swoop instead of individually. The players on the forums have already created a thank you thread in the forums to Zynga for hearing their complaints and reacting with this great feature addition.