Text message about bank account problem is a scam, Delaware AG says

Don't believe a cell phone text message saying there's a problem with your bank account, said the Delaware Attorney General's office in a consumer alert.

The state's Consumer Protection Unit issued the alert recently on what it calls a new scam -- actually a new twist on the more common e-mail "phishing" scam. Here's how it works: A text message, also called an SMS (for short message service), arrives on your cell phone with the news there's a problem with a bank account. The text message also includes a toll-free number to call.

The message looks legitimate, but the phone number will connect you with a scammer who tries to get your personal information. The scam is known as "SMiShing."

The agency recommended consumers contact the customer service number of the company that sent the message to verify if it's legitimate, instead of trusting that the number is real. The Consumer Protection Unit urged Delaware residents to file a complaint with the state if they fall for the scam.

SMiShing is common enough that it made Consumer Ally's Top 10 scams to watch out for in 2010.
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