Telehealth Jobs: New $34 Billion Industry, Growing 24 Percent

Telehealth is the future in employment opportunity.

Telehealth, where technology and health care meet, is a new $34 billion industry, projected to grow 24 percent in the next four years, reports Advertiser Talk.

The next wave of sales jobs, for example, is being created in telesales at AT&T, Verizon, Cisco, GE, and IBM, notes AT&T has just launched a new division called ForHealthSM. From that platform AT&T will sell breakthrough wireless, networked, and from-the-cloud solutions for health care providers. Those could include using a smartphone to diagnose a disease or simulating a doctor's "house calls" via audio and video links.

Also developing are openings in telehealth for just about any other kind of professional in health care -- be it nurses or administrators -- in settings ranging from hospitals to insurance companies.

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