Social City Update honors Japanese architecture of all ages

Social City Japanese Items

Gakuen Coccon TowerThe Japanese have been behind some of mankind's weirdest-but-greatest innovations such as creepily realistic robotics, high-speed public transportation and some of the most hilarious YouTube videos in existence. But who can forget their unique, complex architecture? Playdom decided in its most recent update to Social City to honor that tradition with limited edition buildings like the Gakuen Cocoon Tower, which for 39 City Bucks (about $8) will grant you 1,765 XP, 20,000 coins every six days and your people with 45 thousand Happiness.

Looking back to traditional structures from the Far East are the Japanese Monument, a building for 8 City Bucks (around $1.50) that 125 XP and 3,000 Happiness for your subjects, and for a whopping 55 City Bucks ($9.99), the Himeji Castle. A tribute to the feudal-era building of the same name built in 1333, the fortress will provide you with 3,365 XP, 6,000 coins every three days and 60 thousand Happiness.

Other limited edition buildings included in the update are the Chinese Garden , the Swimming Hole (both about $4 in City Bucks) and the Fall Colonial Home--which despite Playdom's claim has yet to make it into the game. Can you figure out which two items don't belong? Put on those thinking caps while you dig for the credit card, though this might soften the blow.

What are your thoughts on the new Japanese-themed items? What style of architecture would you like to see in Social City? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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