Site gathers reports about bedbugs in hotels and apartments

Bed Bug, Bed Bug control and prevention
Bed Bug, Bed Bug control and prevention

The Boogie Man Award of 2010 goes without question to the bedbug, reports of which have been an almost daily occurrence in the national press (WalletPop included). One website that has found sudden fame is Bedbug Registry, a crowd-sourcing site where the public can post about hotels and apartment buildings in which they encountered the little blood suckers.

Bedbug Registry, a project of programmer Maciej Ceglowski, has actually been in existence since 2006, since he was bit by bedbugs while in San Francisco. There are more than 20,000 reports in its database covering the entire U.S. Maps are offered for major cities.

The question -- how much credence should you give to the data from this site?