Ravenwood Fair Thanksgiving items are a cornucopia of fun

ravenwood fair thanksgiving items
Just as Halloween made its exit from Ravenwood Fair, Thanksgiving rushed in with new quests, buildings, decorations and more. We're less than two weeks away from Thanksgiving day, so get in the spirit with Ravenwood Fair's turkey day updates. However, think before you spend. Many of the Ravenwood Fair Thanksgiving quests require you to purchase the new items and collectibles, so you'll want to make sure you buy the correct things to earn those extra quest bonuses.

Continue reading to see all the new items.
ravenwood fair thanksgiving items
Pilgrimette - 39 Facebook Credits
Pilgrim - 39 Facebook Credits
Hay Wagon - 69 Facebook Credits
Thanksgiving Chair - 300 Coins
Thanksgiving Table - 600 Coins
ravenwood fair thanksgiving items
Autumn Maple - 49 Facebook Credits
Autumn Mountain Ash - 49 Facebook Credits
Turkey Hedge - 29 Facebook Credits
Autumn Elm - 1,000 Coins
Apple Bob - 3,800 Coins & 8 Wood
Turkey Toss - 5,400 Coins & 12 Wood
Turkey Pen - 2,000 Coins & 10 Wood
Pilgrim House - 3,200 Coins & 14 Wood

What do you think of the new Thanksgiving items? Which ones will you purchase?

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