Nightclub City: Dress up your entourage, win a shopping spree!

One of the un-appreciated (or perhaps just under-used) elements in Nightclub City is the ability to dress up your Entourage - those real world friends whom you assign in-game avatars to, as VIPs in your club.

Now, though, developer Booyah is hoping that you'll spend a bit of time decking out your pals, with the new avatar items. If you do so, and are willing to take a picture of your newly spruced up entourage and then submit it to Booyah for consideration, you could have a chance at winning up to 5,000 Nightclub Cred, the game's recently released premium currency. At the game's current rate of exchange, that's a prize totaling around $400 US!

This Nightclub Cred would allow you to go on a virtual shopping spree for the ages, decking out your club with the best decorations, dance floors, and seating that money can buy. The ten best submissions will win. Second and third place winners will walk away with 500 Cred, while the remaining finalists will receive a still very respectful 100 Nightclub Cred for use however they please.

The contest runs from today until Thursday, November 18. The voting will be open to the public, and will begin on November 22, with the winners being decided on November 29.

What are you waiting for? Take a few minutes to check out the official rules, and then take a stab at entering to win this great load of cash!

[Image Credit: Booyah]

Will you enter the Nightclub City "Entourage" Contest? Let us know in the comments.

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