Minneapolis' Mushroom House for Sale


If you ever dreamed of living in a house made of hardened polyurethane insulation foam, now's your chance. A mushroom-shaped, '60s-era structureoutside of MInneapolis known as the Ensculptic House has had its price knocked down to $212,000 after listing in September at $237,000.

Constructed in 1969 for around $30,000, the fascinating blob-like residence was designed by architect Winslow Wedin for a client couple who wanted something different and at relatively low cost. It passed through several owners after the couple died, including their daughter who is now selling it.

The 4,080-square foot, two-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom house needs $30,000 to $50,000 to return it to a livable state, as there's no running water or septic system and the copper piping was ripped out over the past few years when it wasn't occupied.

That hasn't stopped a stream of potential buyers from viewing the place, in all its Flintstones-esque weirdness.