Market Street: Decorate your store for the Thanksgiving holiday

Fall Harvest Items in Market Street
Fall Harvest Items in Market Street

Playdom's store management sim Market Street has just released an update that includes some big updates. One huge new feature is storage, which allows you to keep your items that are not in use carefully tucked away for the future. You can access the storage feature by clicking on the Build Mode and then clicking the storage box in the lower left circular selection wheel. This will allow you to use the items to place them in your store.

In a more seasonal theme, there are now new Fall Harvest items available for purchase and for gifting. In the shop, you'll find a Fall Flower Wall for 15 Crowns and the Wall Tree Decal for 25 crowns. The gifts is where most of the fun comes in, with three new items available to send to friends. There is the Turkey Doll which is absolutely precious, the Giant Turkey Dinner, and the Pumpkin Pies. The latter two seem better fit for a baking or cooking themed game, but we'll take what we can get for Thanksgiving in Market Street.

What do you think of the new Thanksgiving items in Market Street?

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