Madden NFL Superstars' Daily Bonus is live, hold out for big rewards

Daily Bonus
Daily Bonus

Been lax with logging in to Madden NFL Superstars daily? Of course you haven't--it's the middle of the season--but for those who have, Playfish has added the Daily Bonus featured it teased a few days ago. Logging into the game now will display the Daily Bonus immediately after the What's New page, tempting players with increasingly better prizes. While you can cash in daily for a little extra coin, holding off will yield better rewards as cashing in will reset the bonus prize back to just 250 coins. Here's what you can win for each consecutive day of the Daily Bonus for five days:

  • Day One: 250 coins

  • Day Two: 1,000 coins

  • Day Three: Two Game Tickets

  • Day Four: 2,500 coins

  • Day Five: Random Card

Holding out for five days and cashing in will reward players with a random Player Card of any tier (except for Elite Cards, we imagine). However, like most daily bonus features in other social games, missing a day will reset the bonus to that of Day One. But what's unique to NFL Superstars' Daily Bonus is the ability to "Like" the game each day to add 100 coins to whichever Cash-In Bonus is available to you that day. In addition to the addition of the Daily Bonus, Stadium upgrades are 25 percent off, so enjoy beefing up your venue even faster for a short while.

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