Facebook gaming in space: Legacy of a Thousand Suns

Legacy of a Thousand Suns
Lore nerds, rejoice. Legacy of a Thousand Suns, developed by 5th Planet Games, promises to bring a "console-quality" sci-fi epic to Facebook since its launch this week. While the game's uplifting soundtrack, Flash video sequences and deep storyline are certainly epic, for lack of a better word, to say it's "console quality" may force the game to live up to a lot more than Facebook is currently capable of. This is, through and through, a Facebook game, but by no means is that an issue. The game's engaging story text coupled with breathtaking concept art, thanks to studio Concept Art House, make for a story-driven Facebook game that many have been waiting for. I mean, just look at those illustrations, and they're littered throughout the game's missions and raids.

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Engaging the Enemy
Much like other combat driven games like Mafia Wars and Square Enix's Knights of the Crystals, Legacy of a Thousand Suns operates on Energy to complete the story's missions--some of which are coupled with short-but-sweet video introductions--and Stamina to tackle the game's Raid bosses. Again, these boss fights are very similar to those found in other combat Facebook games, but make use of the game's robust inventory system. Players can drag and drop weapons and armor they've found in their travels onto their character's body to equip main and offhand weapons, trinkets, armor and utility items.

And what's a sci-fi game without your trusty ship? Ships in Legacy of a Thousand Suns will be collected throughout the story and can be interchanged at any point. But what defines a ship is its crew. During missions you'll also come across willing Crew members and Officers which will fill out your ship's repertoire of willing allies, increasing its capability in battle.

Later on in the game at Level 20, players will be able to form Alliances, which operate more like guilds in games like World of WarCraft than they do lists of friends in other Facebook games. Players don't seem to have to be friends with their Alliance mates on Facebook in order to participate and Alliances seem to provide a pool of allies to help on missions and raids. In fact, Facebook friends seem only to serve two purposes: to help with missions and raids as well as gifting. Not to mention that the game automatically recognizes which of your friends are playing the game, so there's no need to manually add them.

Of course, there are virtual goods to be bought in this game using Golden Suns, its paid currency. Like just about every Facebook game on the planet, this paid currency goes toward powerful equipment and refills of Stamina and Energy. Thankfully, it's available in Facebook Credits as an exact exchange rate meaning eight Golden Suns is equal to eight Facebook Credits, for instance.

While Legacy of a Thousand Suns might hold several similarities to other combat-focused Facebook games, I've yet to see a game with such descriptive story text, beautiful concept art (though, Zynga has been stepping it up with Mafia Wars Italy) and as detailed an inventory system. On top of property management, collections, PvP (think Fights in Mafia Wars) and item crafting through the Lab feature, there is quite a lot to keep players engaged here. The Facebook game for lore lovers has arrived--enjoy your speculative nerd fests on the forums.

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