Increase your profits with the Happy Aquarium Coin Potion


Happy Aquarium just loves to whip out expensive items that drastically improve profits or make gameplay more fun. After all, what better way is there to make players take their real pocketbooks out than offering them extreme benefits for doing so? The new 7 Day Coin Potion is another item that will make you wish you had an endless supply of either Facebook Credits or Pearls.

This Coin Potion increases all of your coin profits by 20% for 7 days. This means for all fish and decorations that you sell, you get 20% more for free. If you do a lot of fish raising and selling of items, this is probably a good buy for you. However, it doesn't come cheap. This sucker will cost you either 100 pearls or 83 Facebook Credits, or over $8.00. Yikes. You'll have to do the math to decide if it is worth it to you.

This Coin Potion joins the other potions in the Happy Aquarium store. The Love Potion allows you to mate your fish more than one time per day and comes with 10 units per potion. The Twin Potion allows you to get twins any time you have a successful fish breeding, and also has 10 units. Instead of units, the new Coin Potion just only lasts for 7 days. You better not buy it before you go on vacation!