How to Fill a Rental Building With Friends


A recent New York Times article discussed Ruxton Towers, a New York City Upper West Side rental apartment building populated by a large network of friends. Of the 250 units in the building, the article reported, 75 can be tracked to Caroline Bass, senior vice president at CitiHabitats. Although she is not the building's official broker, Bass is said to split the commission for bringing in new tenants.

However, her motives are said to be less about monetary gain than surrounding herself with friends.

"My friend was a friend [of Bass'] who also lived in the building," says resident Sari Rosenberg. "She told me about all the amazing people she lived with, so I looked into Ruxton Towers when I was looking for a new place to live."

If you know and feel comfortable with your neighbors, your home is likely to feel even homier. Even better, filling your building with friends isn't as hard as you might think.