Dress in equestrian high fashion in new Mall World store

Mall World Country Estates
Mall World Country Estates

Not even a week after releasing the lions and tigers store, Mall World has just embraced a more peaceful species of animal with the new Country Estates store. This new fashion shop has everything horse-related for the equestrian in all us ladies. Nothing says elegant fashion like a pair of tight riding breeches tucked into some paddock boots!

Of course, there are plenty of handbags because what fashionable store wouldn't have a modest collection of purses to choose from? The Society Handbag is adorned with a bit of leather along the top, and the Morgan Roundup Bag has an elegant tie holding it closed. The Purebred Leather Handbag really has nothing to do with horses, but we'll let it slide (or ride). We love the little Side Saddle Bag, and the League Handbag would be perfect for just about any occasion.

Let's talk boots, because they're aplenty in this store. From the Scalloped Edge Boots to the Stall Boots to the Mustang Boots, there are some interesting selections that look to be better worn as fashion attire than actual functional riding boots. The wide selection of breeches look to be pretty authentic though, and there is no shortage to choose from.

All in all, the equestrian will be pleased with this new store as the choices are plentiful and it's a unique theme.