Digital Chocolate launches Epic Fighters on Facebook

Earlier this week, we received a sneak peek look at Digital Chocolate's unnamed Facebook game. At the time, we had been given a tip that the game would be called Ninjas Rising, but it appears we were misinformed as today we received word from the developer themselves - Digital Chocolate's newest game is actually called Epic Fighters, and it is now available to play on Facebook.

Meet us behind the break for full details about this new game.

Epic Warriors is an action RPG title, that allows you to choose from four different races for your own unique fighter: Human, Elf, Undead, or Darkelf. From there, you can customize some specific details about your character, including their name, but also changing hair styles, their warrior style (do you want them to be skilled in melee or ranged combat, for instance) and their magic ability (Blood, Elemental, or Summoning, each of which have different strengths).

Character creation out of the way, you'll then be met with a text-based story - the goal of Epic Fighters is to become the King (or Queen) of Amaranth by defeating "ThoraKalyptica," the current Dark King. Gameplay is essentially that of Mafia Wars, but with more focus on stepwise story progression, with (of course) a more fantasy / magic -filled world and theme.

You'll spend Stamina to complete each quest, with quests requiring a few clicks to complete, or "master," in terms of Mafia Wars terminology. At certain times as you click on the "Do Quest" button, the text associated with the quest changes, as you are given more of the current story, until you eventually finish that segment of the story and can move on.

As you go, however, there's also a chance that a random monster, entity or creature may attack you in an effort to stop your progress on your current quest. This takes you to a side-presentation fight scene, where your character and the enemy attack in a turn-based fashion. From our time with the game, the fights are automatic, with your character using their abilities (both defensive and offensive) automatically, to avoid taking as much damage as possible.

As you level up, you'll be able to earn points to upgrade your character, and you'll unlock new quests, as you would expect. Finally, while lacking a lot in the way of animation, the inclusion of a more in-depth storyline here seems to set Epic Fighters apart.

If you'd like to try Epic Fighters for yourself, then head over to the game's page on Facebook.

[Second Image Credit: Digital Chocolate]

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