Cupcake Corner gets cozy with new decorations

Cupcake Corner decorations
Cupcake Corner decorations

Cupcake Corner released more items today in an attempt to beat Cafe Life and Baking Life in the competition for the cutest bakery game. The cupcake game has been releasing new decor and recipes at a blinding pace, and Omgpop are clearly poised for success with this adorable game.

First off, there are three new shelving units that look great with the new wallpapers that are now available. There is one shelf with kitchen utensils, one for books (cookbooks probably), and one built-in white bookcase with a nice Craftsman feel. The new stained glass wall lamp is antique yet still has a modern cozy feel to it.

There are two new colors of cow print chairs, brown and black, and new black rose and blue floral wallpapers to give your bakery that custom feel that you've been looking for. Finally, there is a new black votive candle holder that will look perfect in any bakery regardless of the theme.

it's hard to tell which items are brand new and which are leftover from last week, but all of the items are high quality, detailed and great to decorate with.

Do you like Cupcake Corner? Which bakery game is your favorite?

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