City of Wonder releases Lake Palace hotel for India Week

India Week is under way in City of Wonder, and today's new release is a large luxury hotel named Lake Palace. This is a small replica of the real life 83-room hotel in Udaipur, India. This large hotel piece is white and sprinkled with the occasional greenery.

The Lake Palace costs 39 gold, which definitely isn't a steal by any means. It does give out 390 XP, 2680 Happiness, and 360 Culture, so it is a sufficient buy for the money. It is a limited item, but there are still 18,000 left as of this writing and we don't see them going away too quickly. The Victoria Terminus, which was released a few days ago still has over 14,000 left, so these India buildings are not flying off the shelf too quickly.

So far, we haven't seen a ton of new items for India Week. It seems as if the theme is smaller and more subdued than others, but these items are definitely intricate and highly detailed.

What do you think of the Lake Palace hotel, and what other Indian buildings are you hoping for?

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