Work/Life Balance: More Workers Choose Life

Almost half of employees surveyed said they put more value on their life than their work. That's what researchers at Florida State University College of Business found. Most of that attitude, the researchers concluded, was the result of the recent downturn.

This could indicate that you feel that your life is something you do have some control over. About 42 percent of employees in the survey saw what happens at their jobs as beyond their control, including their hard work and commitment. There's more. More than 70 percent felt that most of the time they spend at work feels like it will never end.

The results of this survey seem to be a screamer to start your own business. Self employment, even if it yields relatively low wages and involves long hours, tends to produce more satisfaction than working for someone else. Perhaps the sense of control makes all the difference. Entrepreneurs, if they know what they're doing, recognize how many options they have to operate the business both in good times and bad.

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