Social City: Sign up for Disney's Movie Club to receive 175 City Bucks

Disney is looking to make more of their acquisition of Playdom this week, by launching a new promotion (via Playdom's partnership with Trial Pay) in Social City, offering users a chance to receive a whopping gift of 175 City Bucks, just for signing up for Disney's Movie Club. This is an absolutely massive amount of City Bucks, as anyone who's played the game can attest to (the game tends to offer less free points than others). However, there's a catch.

For those that are unfamiliar, this won't be a free deal, and it will cost you real-world money in the long run. Disney's Movie Club allows you to purchase Disney DVDs, sometimes at discounted prices, but you'll need to sign up for a long term commitment with the service in order to be eligible. At this time, the club is offering 4 DVD's for $1.99 each, but you'll need to purchase at least 5 more movies within the next 24 months, presumably at full price, to be eligible.

It's a hassle many players may not be willing to put up with, but with the chance of earning 175 City Bucks, if you're already a fan of Disney, or had been toying with the idea of joining the movie club in the past, this might be something to look into.

Give us your thoughts on this new promotion in the comments - will you sign up for Disney's Movie Club just to receive free City Bucks, or will you wait for another opportunity to come along?