Restaurant City's Tiffin Take Away will be going away in three days

Playfish seems to have caught onto the success of limited edition items in other games, as they have created a similar system in Restaurant City, where each new theme contains at least one especially limited (but arguably very worthwhile) item.

For this week's Bollywood theme, we see the release of the Tiffin Take Away, a small counter where customers can come in and purchase small containers of food, earning you a continuous profit over time. The machine functions as an arcade machine does - all you'll need to do is place the item in your restaurant, and then check back often to collect your profits. All of the work of actually collecting said profits is automated. That being said, this item seems to have great money-making potential for those that have the time to frequently play the game, as you can earn 850 coins every 2 hours. For a comparison, items like a soda vending machine only earn 300 coins, in double the time.

That being said, such convenience doesn't come cheap, as the Tiffin Take Away stand costs 40 Playfish Cash. In addition, the item will only be available in the store for 3 days (as of this writing), so you won't have forever to earn up the required premium currency. The moral of this story is that interested users should shop now, and shop fast.

Will you purchase the Tiffin Take Away stand in Restaurant City? Let us know in the comments.
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