Restaurant City's Bollywood theme now available in store

It seems as though Playfish may have officially changed the release date of new items in Restaurant City from Thursday to a day earlier, as, for the third week in a row, we've seen the release of the game's newest items on Wednesday evening, this time in a Bollywood theme.

Meet us behind the break for a look at the newly available Indian items.
As for this week's new items, we're being taken to Bollywood, to the set of our very own Bollywood film, with items celebrating the Slumdog Millionaire in all of us. Some of the items are fairly basic, like the standard Indian Chair or Table, while others come in a much more elaborate form, including golden accents, bright colors, and tons of fun patterns. You can purchase items for both Playfish Cash or in-game coins.

Premium items include lavishly decorated elephants, fit for a royal caravan, a mystical, sparkling statue, a fiery Indian Wallpaper, and a female dance troupe figure set, which fits perfectly with the Bollywood (Indian musical) theme.

Meanwhile, many standard items are also available to purchase with your hard-earned coins. These include plenty of decorative items (male dance troupes, food and flower pots, a spice rack, a tall vase and even a Tuk-Tuk, or Rickshaw-like vehicle. You can add intricately carved doors and windows to your restaurant, along with paintings that celebrate the best in Bollywood's over-the-top musicals.

This theme may not look like much when just viewing the individual pieces (which can be done either by jumping into your restaurant now, or taking a look at the official Restaurant City blog), but when combined, it is actually a really pretty item set that we're sure your virtual customers will love.

[Top Image Credit: Playfish]

What do you think of the Bollywood theme in Restaurant City? Are you looking forward to creating your own Bollywood film set in your restaurant? Let us know in the comments.
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