Restaurant City: Three Bollywood-inspired meals will tantalize your taste buds


As we've told you earlier this evening, this week's item theme in Restaurant City is Bollywood, and with that comes the addition of new Indian themed dishes in the game. There are three new dishes to serve to your guests, including two entrees and one drink.

The first entree is the Chicken Korma, which can be learned with four ingredients: Chicken, Coconut, Chili, and Onion. Fortunately, this isn't a limited time recipe, so luckily, tracking down a coconut (or ten, if you'd like to master the dish) can be done at your leisure.

The other available entree is the Lamb Biryani. It also takes four ingredients to learn, but they are very different from that of the other dish: Rice, Raisins, Saffron, and Lamb. Again, this seems to be a permanent addition to the game, so you can search for the missing ingredients (where applicable) whenever you want.

Finally, the drink is the Mango Lassi, a tropical new offering that takes just three ingredients to learn: Milk, Cream, and Mango. Like the other two recipes, this one isn't limited, so take your time in learning it.

All told, it's nice to see Playfish releasing standard recipes into the game's menu that don't require users to panic and rush to collect the ingredients necessary to learn them. We'll be sure to let you know if that continues to be the case in the future.

Have you learned any of these three recipes in Restaurant City? Let us know in the comments.