Nordstrom Hiring 4,010: Retail Experience Not Needed


Nordstrom, known for pulling out all stops for customers, is looking for 4,010 people persons. You don't need retail experience.

As you'll notice when you go to Nordstrom's career site, the opportunities aren't only in retail. Sure you can apply to work in one of Nordstrom's stores, particularly the ones opening up. That includes Nordstrom's new concept non-profit store planned for the West Village in Manhattan next year. All the earnings from that non-profit will be turned over to charity. But other kinds of jobs, in addition to being on the front lines of customer service in stores, include managing credit, handling the logistics of distribution, information technology, and an administrative position in Nordstrom's Seattle headquarters.

How to get in is by demonstrating a combination of high emotional or social intelligence and lots of energy. Remember management guru Tom Peters featured Nordstrom service ethic on behalf of the customer in his book 'Thriving on Chaos.'