New FarmVille Animals: Pinto Pony & Dwarf Goat


In tonight's FarmVille update, we see the release of some sneak peek items that we told you about last week. The items then were called the Spotted Pony and the Spotted Pony foal, but due to tonight's store update, we now know that the Pony is actually called the Pinto Pony (and presumably, the Foal would be the Pinto Foal).

The Pinto Pony has been released alongside the Dwarf Goat. Both of these animals are available for Farm Cash, and we can see Zynga taking part in a promotion that hasn't been seen before with Limited Edition item launches. For the next two days, these two animals will be available at a 50% off introductory price of 12 Farm Cash for the Pony and 7 Farm Cash for the Goat.

After the two day introductory period, the prices for both will double, to 24 and 14 Farm Cash, respectively, so shop fast!

What do you think of these two new animals in FarmVille? Let us know in the comments!