Mafia Wars' Carlito's Way promotion recruits Benny Blanco and Kleinfeld's Boat

Kleinfeld's Boat
Kleinfeld's Boat

Everyone loves a healthy double dose of Al Pacino's ear piercing screams, don't they? Well, at least Zynga does as it just released a second set of items honoring the classic 1990s gangster flick Carlito's Way in Mafia Wars. Both ask for the expected 35 Reward Points, or around $8, and the price is still just as steep considering the stats.

Similar to the Carlito's Way dagger and Carlito's Jacket, the stats on the pictured Kleinfeld's Boat vehicle and Benny Blanco item aren't packing too much heat. Kleinfeld's Boat features 25 Attack and 77 Defense while Mr. Blanco boasts 78 Attack and 50 Defense--whether he should be bragging is up for debate. While the novelty of these items being molded after a classic is the main draw, Mafia Wars players are stat mongers and these items might not make the cut when Ruby Mastery items from Italy pack much higher numbers for free (and some dedication). Though, if you're a big fan of the guy, no one ever said stop. Just be mindful of the fact that you can refuse this offer, but just this one.

What do you think of the new Carlito's Way items? Are you going to buy in respect for one of the best mobsters on the silver screen? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.