Is Your Job Search Jinxed? Tips to End the Curse

Is your job search "jinxed"? You may feel it is if your strategies and tactics aren't producing what they should. That is, a job.

You're not alone in sensing that your venture is "jinxed." Businesses, which are supposed to operate according to rational principles, often find themselves seemingly "hexed." Rarely or ever will they admit to thinking that way. To remove a spell that might have been cast on them, here are some of the common moves businesses make:

  • Shake things up. The losing Cowboys fired coach Wade Phillips. You can radically change a number of things you are doing on your hunt or the way you do them. Call it the power of voodoo, but the simple ritual of change can make you more focused and therefore more effective.
  • Identify negative influences or sources of bad luck. Corporations might feel a shadow is being cast on their brand and work force by being located in a depressed neighborhood or region. Is the dress you're wearing to interviews the one you wore when your significant other broke up with you?
  • Introduce what could bring good luck. Sports team adopt fresh mascots or say a prayer. You might light a candle when applying for jobs or meditate for 15 minutes.

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