Happy Pets Monkey Nanny will take care of your Baby Baskets for you

First there was the Monkey Butler, and now, CrowdStar has released the Monkey Nanny in Happy Pets. This Monkey Nanny is a limited edition item, being available in a quantity of almost 1500 units as of this writing.

If you are willing to shell out the insane price of 348 Facebook Credits (that's a whopping $34.80 US), you can use the Monkey Nanny to permanently cut all of your baby baskets' "hatching times" by half. That is, if you'd normally wait two days for a baby pet to appear, the time would be cut to a single day, as an example.

In addition, the Monkey Nanny will feed all of your Baby Baskets that reside in a single room with one click - simply click o the Feed Baskets button from within the Monkey Nanny menu. Finally, the Monkey Nanny is breedable, but unfortunately will only produce a regular monkey (no mass production of little nannies).

Even though the Monkey Nanny has a real function, it still is an actual pet, and will require feeding and proper care. It will grow to an adult after four days, so long as it has been fed regularly at a rate of at least once every 12 hours.

Just as with the Monkey Butler, this pet is a serious investment, and we question how many people will actually shell out almost $35 to purchase a virtual animal, especially with the Christmas season rapidly approaching. Perhaps we're wrong, but I suppose only time will tell.

Help us out with this theory - will you be purchasing the Monkey Nanny? Or, would you ever spend $35 on a single item in a Facebook game? Let us know in the comments.