Happy Pets Camouflage Pets: Can you spot 'em?

We've seen some pretty interesting themed pets released in Happy Pets over the months, and this newest theme is no exception. CrowdStar has released a series of six G.I. pets, and we can only assume that these pets-in-military-colors have been added to the game in anticipation of the upcoming Veterans Day holiday (either that, or it's an incredible coincidence).

Either way, you won't have to be a military veteran to purchase these pets. As of this writing, there are still six pets to choose from - G.I. versions of (brown and green camouflaged) Pandas, Dogs, Kitties, Monkeys, Warrior Dragons, and Pegacorns (Unicorn/Pegasus combos).

Depending on the pet you choose, you'll find yourself spending anywhere from 48 to 70 Facebook Credits ($4.80 - $7.00 US). Also, since these are all different species of pets, they all come with their own needs in terms of proper care and upbringing, so keep their growth and feeding times in mind when deciding which pet to purchase.

As you might expect, these pets are limited edition, and are currently available in quantities ranging from just over 500 units (Panda and Dog) to over 1,100 (the Pegacorn). That being said, once you've made up your mind about which pet (if any) you want to purchase, shop fast so you don't miss your chance at them!

Will you be purchasing any of these G.I. pets in Happy Pets? Let us know in the comments.