GoodGuide paper towel ratings: Which brand is the best and worst?

GoodGuideIf you're an environmentally conscious shopper -- as more and more people say they are -- now you have a way to sort out the products you'd want to buy and the ones that don't fit the bill.

Consumer Ally is working with, whose science team evaluates a wide array of products and ranks them according to how environmentally friendly the product is, how it affects consumers' health, how they treat their employees and the company's commitment to the community. We've already introduced you to, which gives consumers a place to check out what fellow consumers have to say about a wide range of web sites.
GoodGuide can help consumers look at groceries and other store-bought commodities in a different way.

"GoodGuide's mission is to inform consumers about what is in the products they buy and the environmental- and social-responsibility performance of the companies that make those products," said Josh Saunders, GoodGuide's senior director of business development. "Working together with Consumer Ally we can better reach consumers with the health and green information that they are demanding. As a leading voice for consumers, Consumer Ally will help millions of people become smarter shoppers by sharing GoodGuide information."

Here's a look at GoodGuide's paper towel ratings. Their top pick is Seventh Generation 100% recycled paper towels, which scored 8.7 out of a possible 10. Contrast that with Costco's Kirkland brand, which bottomed out at a 3.3. rating.
Seventh Generation paper towels
You'll find most of the best-selling brands - including Bounty, Brawny and Viva - in the middle of the pack.

Here are GoodGuide's top five picks for paper towels, followed by their bottom five:

Top of the heap
  • Seventh Generation (8.7)
  • Earth Friendly Products (7.8)
  • Green Heritage (6.9)
  • Cascades (6.6)
  • Tork (6.5)

Bottom of the pile
  • Soft & Silky (4.0)
  • Walgreens (3.5)
  • Sirrus (3.3)
  • Bay West (3.3)
  • Kirkland (3.3)

See the full ratings here.

Here's a video about GoodGuide and its free iPhone app.
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