FrontierVille Second Kid Goals: Everything you need to know

The Cabbage Patch Goals were a dead giveaway, weren't they? Not to mention that we so called it earlier this week. The new feature in FrontierVille is even more little buggers to make your digital life on the homestead that much busier. And that's even the half of it. While this series of Goals is titled "Second Kid," there are four more series of Kids Goals available. That makes for six little brats!

After you let that sink in--and complete the Cabbage Patch Goals--step right up to make that second baby. Here's what you'll need to do in all four missions:These Goals are going to require that you be pretty far along in the game. I hate to say it, but newer players shouldn't bother tackling these Goals.

Oh, Baby?
-Feed 10 Sheep
-Have 200 Wood (will be used)
-Have 20 Cloth (reward for visiting neighbors)

Kids are People Too!
-Feed 20 Sheep
-Have One Wool Socks (Sheep Collection Item)
-Have One Milk

Which Name?
-Accept help from one Neighbor
-Get Two Daily Bonuses from the Cabin
-Get Ten Baby Names (most likely an item request)

The Blessed Event!
-Harvest 10 Cabbage
-Have One Crib
-Buy Alphabet Blocks from the Market

Complete all four of these missions and your second crying, snotty ball of joy is all yours. Enjoy it while it's still cute. They start talking after a while, you know. Have fun with that. Also, completing this Goal unlocks the "Third Kid" Goal series. You know, if you're feeling extra masochistic these days.

Have you embarked on your quest to carry on the family name even farther? Need more friends to help you through this daunting task? Find some in the comments. Add Comment.
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