FarmVille Turkey Roost: Everything you need to know

FarmVille Turkey Roost
FarmVille Turkey Roost

Just in time for Thanksgiving, FarmVille has rolled out the Turkey Roost to all players! This new buildable is exactly the same as the barns and chicken coops in that you can store your turkeys within the roost and harvest them all as one. When you log in to FarmVille right now, you'll be prompted to place the roost. You can click anywhere on your farm, as long as you have room for the fairly large building.

How to Build Your Turkey Roost

The Turkey Roost requires 10 Wooden Boards, 10 Nails, and 10 Bricks, or a total of 30 materials. You can get these by requesting them on your wall from your friends, or receiving them in Special Deliveries. If you're too impatient to wait, you can also purchase the entire Turkey Roost for 29 Farm Cash.