FarmVille: Mystery Balloon Game updated with new prizes

FarmVille Mystery Game
FarmVille Mystery Game

Tonight's FarmVille update brought a brand new set of six items in the Mystery Balloon Game, with two each of rare, uncommon, and common items. Three of these items are carnival focused, and three are animals. One new change with this Mystery Game is that you can now purchase the items outright without having to throw darts. However, they will be very expensive - up to 120 Farm Cash for a rare item compared with the 16 Farm Cash that it requires to throw a dart and take a chance. The cheapest items are the common ones for 30 Farm Cash. If you know specifically that you want a particular item and don't want the chance to be random, you can pay outright and simply buy it. This is an interesting tactic. Many players in the forums are reporting a wide range of prices as well, which we're not sure if it's a bug or an intended A/B split test.

The two new rare items are the Bumper Cars and the Log Ride. The uncommon items are the Teacups and the Zebra, and the two common animals are the Camel and the Guinea Pig.

Do you like the new way the Mystery Game works by allowing you to buy items outright for Farm Cash? Tell us in the comments!