FarmVille decorations & animals find permanent home in the store


Zynga has released tons of new content in FarmVille this evening, but perhaps none is more interesting than the addition of some new (and returning) permanent items to the game's store.

The selection includes a Forest Horse and Autumn Horse, both of which cost 30 Farm Cash, as well as a Wild Turkey, available for 18 Farm Cash (the perfect way to start the Thanksgiving season off right).

In terms of decorative items, you can now purchase the parts to an Evergreen Train. Simply scroll past all of the currently available Country Fair items, and you'll see the three-piece set of Evergreen Train engine, Car and Cart (caboose), available for 20 Farm Cash, 120,000 coins, and 7 Farm Cash, respectively.

Sure, any of these items would be fairly expensive additions to your farm, but with no time limit, you'll have plenty of time to save up the coins or Farm Cash necessary to purchase one or all of them.

It's great to see Zynga bringing back some of our old favorites to the store (like the Wild Turkey), as well as offering these new items like the Train for our shopping pleasure.

What items do you want Zynga to bring back / create next? Share your ideas with us in the comments!