Conan O'Brien: Lessons on Successful Job Hunting

Conan O'Brien, who has a new job on television, has many lessons for you on how to find a job. O'Brien had high ratings on his first night on the job on cable network TBS for his show called 'Conan.'

1. It isn't what happens to you professionally but how you handle it. After the humiliation of being squeezed out of his old job, O'Brien could have simply internalized the pain, taken the money, and hid. Instead he came up with a strategy -- part public relations, part performance art -- to create a fresh image for himself. So far, so good. The guy did get another job, a good one, didn't he?

2. Suck up the mistakes made on the way to what's next. Sure, the public got weary of O'Brien's ranting about his old bosses and the media let him know that. He also fell into a clinical depression. Yet, he picked himself up from those stumbles, dusted himself off, and moved forward.

3. When you're back to a position of strength, push back. That not only makes you feel better, it also sends a message to others, warning them not to mess with you. O'Brien is letting Jay Leno and others know that he has a long memory.

Someone else who can teach you lessons on job hunting? Cathie Black. She landed a nice gig as head of New York City public schools.

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