Treasure Madness update arrives with simpler ... everything

Tile Colors Updated
Tile Colors Updated

Finally, I can get back to digging. French social game developer zSlide decided that the menu systems in Treasure Madness weren't exactly intuitive and decided to focus on simplifying the whole menu navigation experience the game's most recent update. First off, the "Maps" section of the game has now been broken down into three simple tabs: Current Maps, Story Maps and Special Maps. While the first two are pretty self-explanatory being the maps you're currently working on and level-appropriate maps attached to the game's storyline, respectively--it's this Special Maps tab that is a bit ambiguous. Basically, any map that are limited edition (including expired ones), Golden, Fruity and archived maps will appear here.

Just like the simplified Maps section, Collections have also been streamlined in almost the same way. Now boiled down to three tabs (Incomplete, Story and Special), Collections are far easier to navigate. The main difference between the two changes is that far more Collections will be displayed than Maps purely because of how Collections work. More incomplete and Special Collections should be displayed because they're not something players actively work on.

Players can publish stories to their News Feeds even faster now by setting the game automatically post them via the starter bar or checking off "Publish Faster" under the option to share things. Removing the check box on later milestones will allow players to add custom messages to their posts.

In probably the greatest change to game in this update (pictured), tiles now glow in colored-coded hues to indicated their difficulty. Normal tiles glow white while progressively harder tiles glow yellow, then orange and the most difficult shine red--just as clear as the Homeland Security Advisory System! There are plenty more changes to the game including an improved backpack interface and an even easier way to buy maps right from within the game, so check out all the updates in-game.

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