What City Has the Friendliest, Most Attractive Residents?

Must be the Southern hospitality. Charleston, South Carolina tops Travel + Leisure magazine's 2010 America's Favorite Cities survey when it comes to having Friendly People. Savannah is in second place and Nashville in third.

Residents of Honolulu and Salt Lake City are recognized for their friendliness too. So what city ranks last, in 35th place on the list? Los Angeles.

The magazine's readers also ranked Charleston as having the most Attractive People in America. Savannah is again second in this category, followed by Miami and Salt Lake City. At the bottom of the list is Memphis.

When it comes to Intelligent People, Travel + Leisure has Portland, Oregon in the top spot followed by Seattle, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Washington, D.C. and Austin. Memphis again is in the bottom spot.

But Memphis is tops in one category - as America's Favorite for Barbecue.

Among the numerous other categories, Salt Lake City ranks first in terms of both Cleanliness and Safety, and Santa Fe is recognized as favorite Cultural Getaway city.

The magazine's readers say Charleston has the best B&Bs and Inns in America, while Nashville is number one when it comes to Affordable Hotels.

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