Vegetables: Gold for Growers, Restaurants/Chefs, Craftspeople, Managers

food industryVegetables have captured America's taste buds, zeal for healthy eating, and commitment to sustainable living, reports New York Magazine.

The result is a new cash cow for growers, both professional and the roof top variety, restaurants developing special vegetable menus, chefs practicing the art of gentle seasoning, craftspeople who leverage vegetable themes and colors, and managers of Farmers Markets. And the growth hasn't yet taken off. According to the Centers for Disease Control only about 26 percent of Americans eat enough vegetables.

But growing the trend is. Trips to the Farmers Market have replaced the mall as the in thing to be doing. A sign of the times, Portland, Oregon has a job opening for the Executive Director of the city's Farmers Market. Compensation is between $55,000 and $65,000. Responsibilities range from plain-vanilla managing to relationship with the board of directors.

You can find these jobs using keywords such as 'sustainable living,' 'hospitality,' 'food,' and 'cooking.' Or take the initiative to go into a business or farmers market and ask who's in charge. Then pitch how you can create new value related to vegetables.

Not only is this an opportunity for jobs and start ups. Vegetables can be the road to a comeback for a job search which has hit the wall, a restaurant which has lost its unique identify, a chef who isn't hot any more, artists who need a fresh focus, and executives who yen for a mission like sustainable living.

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