Treasure Isle: Get pulled in by the call of the Siren Island


Running out of things to build in Treasure Isle? To be honest, neither are we, but Zynga has decided to offer us another Relic to build anyhow. The Sirens Island Base will be given to you for free the next time you login to the game.

Once constructed, it turns into a tiny island, so you'll have to place the base of the relic into the water. You'll need to complete four different steps to construct the island for the Sirens, with each step requiring increasing amounts of five different ingredients: Marble, Resin, Oil, Pillars, and Paint.

Luckily, the first step only requires 1 of each of the five items, so most users should have no problem collecting the items needed. After that, the required amount increases for each step, so you can ask your friends to send you the ingredients that you need via wall posts.

Additionally, you can simply purchase each item outright for 1 Island Cash each. To be clear, that's 1 Island Cash for one individual item. If you need three Resins, you'll need to spend 3 Island Cash, as one example.

After building the Relic, you'll receive a permanent boost of three points to your maximum energy. While that may not sound like a lot, combine that bonus with those from other Relics, and you'll have the energy to keep on digging long after you might have before.

What do you think of the Sirens Island? Will you construct yet another Relic in the game for another energy bonus? Let us know in the comments.