Social Game Universe launches IGAPI, makes a game of cross promotion (literally)

IGAPI in action
Ever since Facebook's destruction of changes to how players discover new games, smaller developers have had a hard time getting their games to their audience (i.e. you and I). Social Game Universe, a Toronto-based social games innovator, has an answer for that in the Inter-Game API (IGAPI). A tool originally created solely for games by the developer like Hollywood Tycoon and Avastar, IGAPI transforms cross game promotion normally served by services like Applifier into somewhat of a meta-game for social gamers.

Find out more about how it works and what it could mean for social gamers after the break.
What would normally appear as a small advertisement for a game turns into what Social Games Universe calls an "Action Card" with IGAPI. The Action Cards allow players to interact with other gamers across different games entirely while remaining within the game currently on their screen. For instance, instead of seeing a message pop up on the marquee-style cross promotion bar that almost every social game has, you would see the option to double the strength of a player's army in Rise of the Ancients rather than merely an advertisement. Alright, well it's still an ad, but at least it's one that might engage you into trying the game out, because we all know how well banner ads work out. The service allows players to register for features like friend tracking, achievements and privacy settings. All things considered, IGAPI is nearly a game itself, but maybe that's the point.

IGAPI Action Cards
Social Games Universe is making the service available to all Facebook game developers for absolutely free, but what's more important is how this might revive players' ability to find new games to play. When your mouse clicks lead to an impact rather than information, it becomes much more appealing to go ahead and press the button. Down the line, this technology could use its friend tracking and XP system to keep players engaged in several games by one developer by letting them interact with one another across multiple games. If IGAPI catches on, expect to quite literally be gaming while you game.

[Source: Social Game Universe]

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