Recruit Friends for Jobs, Get Big Bonuses

Companies have learned that better quality hires come through referrals by current employees. Therefore, more companies such as Baker Tilly are paying hefty bonuses for referrals they hire, reports the New York Post.

Baker Tilly, an accounting and advisory firm, offers employees from $2,500 to $10,000 for leads on great people to hire. The more difficult the specific job is to fill the greater, the bounty -- that is, if the professional is hired.

This practice isn't new. For decades, organizations have encouraged their current work force to recommend others who could fit in. The rewards ranged from a pat on the back to a gift certificate. Currently, the bonus for a referral who works out can reach $50,000. After all, that could save time, avoid a fee to an executive search firm, and lower the risk of hiring the wrong person.

The rationale here was, and is, that employees understand the unique culture of the company -- its values, rites, and rituals. Therefore they would also understand who among those they know would thrive in that environment. In addition, there is the social pressure, on both sides, for the new hire to do what's expected. Among those who think in terms of networks and power, this is known as becoming embedded in a web of obligations. Old-line machine politics operated in much the same way.

So, yes, know what's expected of you, whether you are on the referring or being referred side of the deal. Both the bonus and the job come with strings.

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