Ravenwood Fair to have viral capabilities reinstated tomorrow


Are you going through Ravenwood Fair withdrawal? Though LOLapps's latest game has been up and available for play, players haven't been able to post to their wall, invite friends, or ask for materials. This means that all of the quests were virtually impossible to complete (that is, without spending money) and buildings and games weren't able to be built all the way. Luckily, Ravenwood has just updated their fan wall to announce that the game will be fully reinstated tomorrow evening. Rejoice!

While the time isn't specific, it will be in Pacific Time so it will be late tomorrow for those of you in Eastern Time. Once the viral channels are reinstated by Facebook, you will be able to send gifts, ask for materials, invite neighbors, and complete your buildings. While we're still not sure if this outage was related to LOLapps being punished for violating privacy, we do know that the rest of LOLapps applications are still going to be restricted for 6 months.

Are you excited for the triumphant return of Ravenwood Fair, or did this outage make you drop the game for good?