Lindsay Lohan: Role Model for Creating Your Own Job

Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan could be the role model for creating your own job, reports Portfolio.

Like many job searchers, Lohan has hit a wall in the kinds of jobs she's been pursuing, especially in film. Therefore, she's contemplating turning something she knows well into how she can make a living. For Lohan that's the field of substance abuse rehabilitation. And, with $20 billion in revenue annually, a good industry it is.

Some of the factors she and you should consider in creating your own job include:

  1. Can it make money? A rehab center like Betty Ford Clinic bills a 90-day stay at about $53,000 per client. Yes, that's a lot of money. In addition, there is a high relapse rate. So, it's wise to choose a line of work where there is repeat business, as in grooming dogs, cleaning houses, or being a personal shopper.
  2. Can it attract business? Lohan, if she establishes a track record for remaining substance free, will likely have enough warm bodies for a start-up. However, she and you could move faster with third party endorsements -- that is, all kinds of promotions by others. Consider how much of that you can depend on before you start. Otherwise, your venture may never get off the ground. Momentum is everything. That's because it creates more momentum. If Lohan hasn't burned all her bridges, she has lots of big names to do word of mouth for her.
  3. Can it grow? For Lohan, a critical variable is her ability to stay straight. What do you need to grow? Capital? Manpower? Access to more customers? You have to be prepared to take that next step from start-up to growth. If you don't believe you can manage that transition, then determine if it's a business you could sell down the road.

The smartest approach to creating your own job is to have someone paying you for a job you hold -- full time, part time, or freelance. That keeps the wolf from the door. And that's a good thing.

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