Hosting Substance-Free Teen Parties: $15K a Pop

party hostessHosting teen parties in Manhattan that are free of alcohol and drugs has been a money maker for Ricky Smith. Smith collects about $15,000 for each party, which parents are thrilled to pay, reports the New York Post.

Not all of it is profit. Out of the nut, Smith has to pay to lease the loft or club space and hire professional bouncers who don't take prisoners when it comes to substances or fighting. Also, Smith has to handle logistics such as obtaining the permits and promoting the events through Facebook and in public and private schools. When adults get in his way, Smith flames them on Facebook.

This model is one anyone of any age with an entrepreneurial spirit can adopt for any community. The key factors for success include:

  • Get parents aboard on the concept. Then make sure they're far away from the actual event.
  • Get teens aboard on the concept, through social media and student ambassadors at the schools.
  • Do everything right and legally, such as securing permits.
  • Ensure by having experienced bouncers that there will be no drugs, no booze, and no fighting.

Smith is a sophomore in high school.

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