Hollywood's take on the recession

DVD box for the first season of Modern Family
DVD box for the first season of Modern Family

Finally, Modern Family's Phil Dunphy (played by Ty Burrell) admitted that his real estate business is circling the drain. It's about time, I'd say, since real estate sales are down double digits in southern California, which is agent Phil's fictitious sandbox.

The recession has found its way into story lines on Parenthood -- Peter Krause's character, Adam Braverman, had to lay off seven workers from his shoe manufacturing firm -- and last season's Grey's Anatomy, when two hospitals merged resulting in layoffs -- including Dr. Izzie Stevens, one of the show's main characters played by Katherine Heigl. The gang on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia recently sold gas door-to-door to make money and in other episodes made all kinds of cuts to keep their bar afloat. Even this season's The Apprentice focused on a pool of jobless folk vying for the privilege of having The Donald as a boss.